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La Evolución de la Fracturicación Hidráulica en el País y el Mundo

La Alianza Latinoamericano Frente al Fracking (Latin American Alliance Against Fracking) have published a 47-page report detailing the policies, impacts and resistance strategies related to hydraulic fracturing in Latin America. Across six case studies from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Mexico, the organisation aim to generate debate and awareness of the practice. The report analyses each country’s energy profile in tandem with national fracking policies; the societal and environmental impacts of fracking […]

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  A total of 72 cities have banned the practice since the beginning of the No Fracking Brazil campaign in 2013.   In the last 2 weeks, the cities of Arapongas and São Manoel do Paraná, in the state of Parana, approved a ban on the exploitation of shale gas through fracking.   The bans are the result of the numerous discussions, conferences, seminars and public hearings that the No […]