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La Evolución de la Fracturicación Hidráulica en el País y el Mundo

fracking report latin america

Public Policy, Impacts and Resistance to Fracking in Latin America

La Alianza Latinoamericano Frente al Fracking (Latin American Alliance Against Fracking) have published a 47-page report detailing the policies, impacts and resistance strategies related to hydraulic fracturing in Latin America.

Across six case studies from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Mexico, the organisation aim to generate debate and awareness of the practice.

The report analyses each country’s energy profile in tandem with national fracking policies; the societal and environmental impacts of fracking practices as well as related human rights issues; and the grassroots efforts to mobilise against it. It concludes with policy recommendations for each country.

An accompanying press release stressed that the long term goal was not simply to ban fracking, but to stimulate an urgent discussion towards a “sustainable and socially just” energy model for Latin America. They assert that fracking is part of an energy system which reflects “unjust social relations and profound inequality” in the region.

The report can be downloaded in Spanish here.

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