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La Evolución de la Fracturicación Hidráulica en el País y el Mundo


In a landmark decision, the British Government has approved Cuadrilla’s appeal for a fracking project in the borough of Fylde, Lancashire.

The decision overrules that of the local council’s back in January to reject the company’s application on the grounds of noise and traffic impact.

Over 30 local anti-fracking groups have been set up to protest the well development, and 63% of locals polled were in favour of a fracking ban.

Hundreds of protesters had turned up to the council meeting for the initial decision, and had celebrated a victory for local democracy and environmental preservation.

But communities Secretary Sajid Javid said “We will take the big decisions that matter to the future of our country as we build an economy that works for everyone, not just the privileged few.” The move is a significant step towards fracking’s widespread approval in the United Kingdom.

The decision came only a day after the ratification threshold for the Paris Climate Agreement had been reached.

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